Master of Arts in Strategic Design

The MASD provides students with an advanced understanding of design, business, and communication theory. The program is a fully immersive environment that replicates the rhythms and expectations of a professional firm. Think of it as a platform where you can hone your skills and shine among the best in the design industry. Graduates will enter the job market ready to begin their creative careers with a portfolio of professional experience and a network of industry contacts.

What we are looking for:

  1. Innovative leaders with a global vision and personal drive that extends beyond the classroom
  2. Creative thinkers who can identify opportunities and strategically solve problems
  3. Effective communicators who wish to connect with others across the design field

Attend a School of Big Ideas

Furman University has partnered with the Miami Ad School of Ideas (MAD) in Atlanta to create a degree program which combines the best elements of business, communications, and design. This degree provides students with a deep understanding of theory, audience, and analysis while connecting them to a global network of creatives.

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Concentration areas including Art Direction, Copywriting, and Graphic Design
Total credits earned over an 18-month period
Career opportunities available post-graduation

Collaborate & Connect with Pros

It’s built into our DNA to find diverse and collaborative learners and to create unique opportunities and experiences for them, a commitment that sets our program and graduates apart. Our roster of instructors includes not only Furman University’s prestigious research faculty, but also industry professionals from the MAD School of Ideas who bring a wealth of experience from their jobs at the top agencies in Atlanta.

Explore Student Experiences

School with a global network of industry contacts
Undergraduate degree majors represented

Find Your Creative Career

Through our partnership with MAD, we engage with a host of well known brands representing a variety of industries.  During their final semester, students develop their portfolios by either engaging in a practicum or internship in their field, working on a school site-based project, or by creating a thesis regarding relevant real-world issues.

Many students receive job offers before graduation!

Program Overview

Average starting salary for graduates
Placement rate 6-months post graduation

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The early application deadline for the MASD is January 15th. Don't miss your chance to enroll in our next cohort!

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About Our Partner

The MAD School of Ideas is a place where design, digital marketing, strategic thinking, and innovation collide and where the real world is the classroom.

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Tuition Cost

Tuition for 2021-2022 (summer, fall, spring) is $8,250 per term.