Furman offers two master’s degree programs with an education focus: The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), the Master of Arts in Education (MAEd), along with a post-master’s degree program in either School or Educational Leadership (EdS). Through challenging coursework, field experiences, and internships, our programs offer you the chance to gain the pedagogical skills and knowledge to advance your career in education.

At Furman and in partner schools, you will interact with leading professionals and practitioners in the field of education. High-quality mentoring with observations and feedback will ensure that you can teach effectively in different school settings and contribute significantly to the profession.

All programs are nationally accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Founded on the central principles of the liberal arts, Furman’s MAT program is for graduates of key subject areas wishing to pursue a career in teaching.

With a cross-discipline approach that will enhance your critical thinking skills and teach you how to communicate effectively with other teachers and school administrators, our program will prepare you to work in a specialized area where quality teachers are in high demand.

When enrolled in the MAT program, you may seek certification in such secondary school areas as Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Spanish, Mathematics, Physics, or Social Studies.

Master of Arts in Education

Our Master of Arts degree in Education provides educators with the expertise to lead our schools, strengthen our communities, and prepare students for tomorrow’s challenges. When pursuing a master’s degree at Furman, there are degree concentrations available for teachers and other administrative and professional personnel.

By earning your degree or renewing your certificate at Furman, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a specialized area in teaching that is in high demand. You’ll also learn from some of the leading professors and practitioners in education.

Students wishing to take MAEd classes must already be certified teachers.

Educational Specialist

With an Educational Specialist (EdS) degree in Leadership, you can prepare to take on leadership roles in your school or district. There are two tracks:

  • Track 1, Educational Leadership, is designed to provide leadership candidates with further specialization in the field of educational administration.
  • Track 2, School Leadership, is designed for experienced educators who have a master’s degree in another area but who now wish to certify as school administrators.