As an education leader in South Carolina, we are actively involved in improving the education of our community at the local and state level. We partner with school districts across the region to create programs that bring our faculty and graduate students into areas where they can help students overcome their academic challenges. Explore our community and partnership programs:

Literacy Corner

Student and teacher in the libraryThe Literacy Corner helps students between the ages of 6 and 14 with their reading, writing, and overall communication skills. Our primary goal is to help your child develop an identity as a reader and a writer and to foster a sense of motivation and engagement in the reading and writing processes. In doing so, they will develop essential reading and writing skills necessary to help them be successful in a variety of academic subjects and in life.

Our educators will assess your child’s literacy attitudes and abilities in their first meeting(s) and then design a daily program tailored to their needs. Each tutoring session lasts one hour, with four sessions held each week. We’ll closely monitor your child’s progress during the program and communicate with you regularly about your child’s progress. We will also suggest reading and writing activities to practice at home each day.

Summer Learning Place

Student teaching an elementary school student how to readThe Summer Learning Place program gives students with academic or behavioral needs an opportunity to work closely with our students and instructors in a supportive environment. Designed for students between the ages of six and 14, our teachers provide encouragement in classrooms with a low student-to-faculty ratio, insuring that your child receives individualized instruction.

We evaluate students individually before the summer program begins and monitor their progress through the duration of the program. At the end of the program, our staff will provide you with an evaluation detailing your child’s performance.

If you would like additional information, please contact Beth Garrett at 864.294.3086 or email,