Laura Putney


A Career that was Manifest

Laura Putney ’92 has all the paints and brushes.

Saul Antonio Rivera ’13 finds renewal through forgiveness.

The unsparing Marshall Frady ’63 took on politicians, critics, social norms and Furman of the 1960s.

For five years, the Upstate Medical Legal Partnership between Furman, Prisma Health and South Carolina Legal Services has been finding solutions through collaborations.

Stacy Capers Singing

Around the Lake

For Stacy Capers ’18, ‘life’s good’ and just beginning

The music major went from a church choir in Charleston to Furman to a recording studio in L.A.

“What makes a leader? We know the qualities that set them apart.”

Jim Pitts ’60 helped guide the university during integration, the Vietnam War and the break from the Southern Baptist Convention.

Furman professors Geoffrey Habron, Matthew Cohen and M. Taha Kasim on the challenge of our time.

$5 million gift from Chris ’78 and Andrea Borch will endow track and cross-country scholarships.

Bunched Arrowhead plant flower

The Comeback

The ‘Every Plant’ Is Us

It’s rare and precious. And completely nondescript.

It’s sometimes hard for Allison to believe he’s been at Furman for a quarter of a century. He was only 28 years old when he took the Paladin job, not much older than the players he was coaching.

Last fall, Furman football averaged more than 10,000 fans at its five home games.

Shannice Singletary

Class Notes

Pardon the Disruption

Shannice Singletary ’14, co-founder of Friyay, has ideas about how we work.

The nosy neighbor, access to food, “leaving silence” and the burden of memory.

The Rev. Susie B. Smith ’72 will always be an activist. Her experiences at Furman helped awaken her beliefs.

In February, the university honored several alumni and friends for their personal achievements, generosity, service and leadership.

Where you have been, where you’re going.