Our training modules are designed to give Furman constituents the opportunity to reflect on elements of reciprocal partnership and best practices.

Workshop participants identify responsibilities to both Furman and the community partners through a modular, case-based educational experience tailored to each engagement.

Current training modules offered:

Engaging Difference

Mindfulness, self-care, empathy, developing cultural humility, and understanding the role of implicit bias (in relation to ability, cultural, gender and sexuality, generational, religious, racial, and socioeconomic difference).

Role Defining/Managing and Delivering

Reciprocal partnerships and professional communication. Taking a leadership role, managing projects, anticipating and adapting to challenges, recognizing strengths, and communicating and managing expectations.


Travel safety, risk management, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) research requirements and practices. Interested in training for students in your course or student group? Contact us.