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Programs & Services

The Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities is a regional hub for sustainability education, research, and leadership. We have developed a wide array of sustainability programs to serve the local and regional sustainability ecosystem. Humanity faces a series of complex, interconnected sustainability challenges (e.g., climate change, racial and socioeconomic inequities, resource depletion and degradation). Our programs are designed to help address these challenges and create a sustainable future.

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Center for Sustainability Education

The Shi Institute supports a number of innovative sustainability education programs aimed at empowering faculty, staff, students, and community leaders to promote sustainable communities.

Educational Programs

Center for Applied Sustainability Research

The Shi Institute supports and conducts applied systems research projects aimed at creative solutions for promoting more sustainable communities.

Research Initiatives
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Center for Sustainability Leadership

The Shi Institute serves as a central source for conversation and dialogue among corporate, community, and educational leaders, and as a catalyst for systemic change.

Sustainability Leadership Initiative (SLI)