At the Shi Institute, we’re thankful to have a family of faculty, staff, students and community members who are committed to advancing our work in sustainability, both on campus and across South Carolina.

Interested in joining us on a regular basis or for special events and projects throughout the year? Here are a few opportunities:

Volunteer at the Furman Farm

Volunteer group working at Furman Farm, 2023.

The Furman Farm is a ¼ acre organic practice farm with a comprehensive composting program.  The farm is largely student run under the supervision of Bruce Adams, Furman Farm’s Manager. The composting program handles all of the pre- and post-consumer waste from Furman’s dining hall and also processes much of the university’s landscaping waste.

Mark your calendars!

We will be hosting our first Furman Farm Day on Saturday, April 27. It will be an opportunity to learn about gardening — hands on — and do a little work to ensure the farm has a great summer season.  Interested in volunteering? Apply here.

For more information, contact Mary Frances Shelato at




Become a Faculty Affiliate

Become a Faculty Affiliate

Furman faculty have a deep history of community engagement through service learning courses, creative activity, teaching, research, and service. Applied Sustainability Research team members work to support this ongoing work by helping to match community and faculty interest and expertise and support ongoing projects. We also provide opportunities for faculty, staff, students and community members to come together to discuss best practices and opportunities for collaboration and learning together.

Join the Sustainability Leaders Initiative

Join the Sustainability Leaders Initiative

The exclusive Sustainability Leadership Initiative represents a robust interdisciplinary stakeholder network of South Carolina leaders with the knowledge, skills, and desire to collaborate and support each other in identifying pathways and executing solutions for a sustainable future.