Furman Farm

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

The Furman University Farm is a ¼ acre organic practice farm with a comprehensive composting program.  The farm is largely student run under the supervision of Bruce Adams, Furman Farm’s Manager. The farm sits on land that was formerly a series of tennis courts on campus; significant attention to soil quality, a French drain system, and endless hours of manual labor have transformed this area into a highly productive demonstration farm.

The farm grows thirty-five different fruits and vegetables and sells its produce to the Furman Dining Hall. It has also supported a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the past, in which students, employees, and community members can purchase a share of the farm.

The composting program handles all of the pre- and post-consumer waste from the dining hall and also processes much of the university’s landscaping waste.  The program uses large-scale pile composting, in-vessel anaerobic composting, and small scale demonstration composting.

tons of food waste composted
different varieties of fruits and vegetables grown
acres of farmed land on Furman Farm