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Hearst Fellows

Furman’s Hearst Fellows Program seeks highly talented incoming students who have historically been underrepresented in higher education.  Hearst Fellows will have access to all Furman’s premier programs, but with additional mentoring and financial support so that students can take full advantage of all that Furman has to offer.   Hearst Fellows will arrive at Furman with a dedicated faculty mentor who will be a sounding board as they navigate their pathway.

Hearst Fellows are offered transformative opportunities that highlight the Furman academic experience:

  • First Year: Connect with other incoming students prior to Move-in Day through a specialized pre-orientation program.  Throughout the academic year, students stay connected with their mentor and their cohort through a variety of social and academic programming.
  • Sophomore Year: Participate in a job shadowing experience and other activities tailored to student’s career interests and short- and long-term academic and professional goals.
  • Junior/Senior Year: Gain valuable hands-on experience by engaging in an internship, undergraduate research, study away program or by visiting top companies across the nation (career trek).

Hearst Fellows benefit from additional financial support granted by the Hearst Foundation to facilitate participation in high-impact educational and career-bolstering experiences (e.g., research, internships, study away). For example, Hearst funding may be requested to offset travel or accommodation costs related to high-impact experiences, conference travel, or graduate school or professional interviews. Hearst Funds cannot be used to support or offset college tuition costs of room and board (funds CAN be used for costs of room and board associated with study away or summer internships and research experiences).  Hearst Fellows are encouraged to speak with their Hearst Mentor to determine whether a financial request is eligible.

Hearst Applications for the entering Class of 2022 are now available to eligible enrolled students!

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