One of the extra benefits of studying music at Furman is our in-house music library. With its impressive collection of music research materials, online databases and multimedia computer classrooms, the Robert J. Maxwell Music Media Center and Library offers a wealth of resources rarely found in a school our size. It creates a fertile environment for the study and creation of music, projects, and documents.

An extension of Furman’s main library, all music books, scores, recordings, curriculum, and periodicals can be found within the Nan Trammell Herring Music Pavilion. Along with several rows of gliding stacks, the library offers students a multi-station listening lab and a row of research computers. We also provide access to international music databases and an impressive array of monthly and quarterly publications.

In addition, the Maxwell Library has two multimedia classrooms: the Becky Tapp Daniels Classroom and the Edna Hartness Multimedia Seminar Room. The Becky Tapp Daniels Classroom is a 16-station computer lab and research center, each station complete with Korg X5 keyboard, iMac computer, and software such as Finale, GarageBand, Audacity, and Practica Musica. The teacher’s station, which is also available to advanced students after hours, has a Korg SGPro keyboard, Mackie 1202 mixer, MOTU 828 FireWire digital audio interface, and additional software, including Reason and Live. A presentation teaching system completes the classroom.

The Edna Hartness Multimedia Seminar Room is home to Furman’s Yamaha Disklavier piano and a full-featured workstation consisting of Mac Pro computer MOTU 828 digital audio interface, Korg SGPro keyboard, Mackie 2404 console, miscellaneous outboard gear, Tascam DA30MKII DAT, VHS and CD decks, Tannoy speakers, and Rode, AKG and Shure microphones. Software includes ProTools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Max/MSP, and Finale. The seminar room hosts a 5.1-channel surround-sound audio playback system, and also functions as the control booth for recordings made in the adjacent Elizabeth Stone Harper Hall, with complete audio and video monitoring capabilities.