Furman Band students rank extremely high academically,

…are regular Dean’s List recipients, and participate in the many significant organizations across campus. Participants in the Furman Bands have a wide variety of major areas of study–yes, we have terrific music majors–but we also have many wonderful musicians in our program who major in sciences, business, computer science, engineering, and virtually all majors offered on campus. In any college curriculum, there is time to be involved in any number of “change of pace” activities, without jeopardizing in the least your academic career or professional potential. In fact, involvement in music ensembles will certainly enhance your overall college experience and quality of life! There are simply too many doctors, engineers, pharmacists, CPA’s, nurses, teachers, and lawyers who are band alumni to believe that band prevents one from being a successful scholar. The bottom line is that success in college is simply a matter of how efficiently you use your time. This kind of discipline may be the most difficult thing about being a college student and a young adult.

Actually, at the college level, band is not very time consuming. No ensemble rehearses more than two to three times a week with each rehearsal lasting for not more than two hours. The Paladin Regiment Marching Band performs only for the 5-6 home football games in the fall, 1 away game, and 1 holiday parade. It’s simply NOT AS BUSY AS HIGH SCHOOL BAND!

Typical college schedule: one might take sixteen credits (hours) of course work each semester. This means that you are in class an average of three to four hours a day, Monday through Friday. Consequently, your schedule might include classes from 9:00 to Noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 8:30 to 12:30 on Tuesday and Thursday, plus your band time. That’s it! So, study habits, class attendance, and personal discipline in college are important and the keys to your success. There is plenty of time to attend class, study hard, make terrific grades, have a social life, and be in the band. YOU CAN be in the college band and still make great grades!

Furman Band students are the best and brightest on campus!
There is room for YOU in our program.