Our department focuses on helping students develop technical proficiency in specific areas of studio art and art history, while also stressing an interdisciplinary approach to viewing and making art that emphasizes critical thinking and writing.

This inquirybased program, combined with our talented faculty and small student-to-faculty ratio, is what makes us a top school in the Southeast. Our liberal arts approach fosters creativity alongside an entrepreneurial mindset that prepares students to be innovative problem solvers. Our flexible curriculum not only encourages double majors, but entices our students to partner and collaborate with other studies in areas of Business and Accounting, Communication, English, Psychology, Sustainable Science and more. Understanding how images communicate messages is a vital skill, and regardless of your postgraduate plans, earning a coveted degree in art or art history with financial security is possible for our Furman University graduates. 

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Our alumni are highly sought after in all fields of Art, from graphic design to art history.

Areas of Study


We encourage students to gain skills across various media by offering courses in drawing, photography, painting, graphic design, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and more. Art history courses provide training in visual literacy, teaching students how to decode and contextualize images while covering global topics from antiquity to contemporary art. We also offer a range of experiential learning opportunities both on campus and off campus with trusted community partners.


Want to declare a major in Studio Art or Art History?

We’d love to talk with you! Email the Art department and let us know what you’re interested in studying. We’ll put you in touch with the best advisor, and when you’ve decided to declare, just complete this form to make it official.


Field of Study Declaration [PDF]

Furman Engaged

This annual Spring event celebrates the diversity and creativity of Furman undergraduates.  With presentations and performances across campus, both studio art and art history majors have the chance to showcase their research, internships, and studio projects for all to see. Furman Engaged also marks the annual opening of the Senior Studio Art Exhibition in the Thompson Art Gallery of the Roe Art Building. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to share their work and hear feedback from the public!

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