Our faculty is talented, diverse and experienced.  Specializing in various disciplines from sculpture to painting to graphic design to Medieval Art, their artistic styles and interests may vary, yet their drive and dedication remains steadfast. Whether you are looking for feedback on your latest work, hoping to collaborate on a research project or simply gain advanced skills and experience, our professors are there to help and guide Furman students throughout their entire undergraduate journey.

Art Studio Faculty

Terri Bright

Professor of Art

Kevin Kao

Associate Professor, Art

Michael May

Associate Professor, Art

Ross McClain

Professor of Art and Design

Art History Faculty

Sarah Archino

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Art History

Kylie Fisher

Assistant Professor of Art History

Stephen Mandravelis

Assistant Professor of Art History; Director, Thompson Gallery of Art


Sarah Gebbie

Program Coordinator

Marta Lanier

Director of the Master of Arts in Strategic Design

Jessica Rosato

Department Assistant