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The Shi Institute’s Student Fellows program is one of the institute’s flagship initiatives. The Shi Institute works hard to create and support high impact student experiences around sustainability that build on the students’ classroom experience, drive community impact, and generate sustainability knowledge that will be applicable and scalable to communities and organizations locally and around the world. The institute offers paid fellowships during both the academic year and summer which encourage students to engage sustainability in diverse ways. We have developed a wide range of campus and community-based sustainability partners who provide students with a marketable skill set and a holistic, problem-based, solution-driven way of thinking. These opportunities help students develop real-world solutions for tackling sustainability challenges like food security, energy production, climate change, sustainable production and consumption of goods, and human security and health. Students from all majors and career interests are encouraged to apply. Currently, nearly 30 students have the opportunity to serve as Shi Institute fellows each year. 

  • 30
    community partners
  • 325
    past student fellows
  • 30
    annual student fellowships

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For more information about the student fellows program, contact Joy Baker at the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities.