The Community of Scholars Experience

Intellectual Growth Opportunities

One of the goals of the Community of Scholars is to provide students with continual ways to engage with one another about relevant issues. Through exclusive opportunities to attend dinners with guest speakers, scholars have the chance to hear from a diverse set of people who are change-makers in their fields, and perhaps spark a conversation with their fellow scholars about real-world issues. Other intellectual growth opportunities within the Community of Scholars include events to engage with the other Furman institutes, as well as with professors from various departments. And it all begins at the Advantage Scholars summer program, where scholars hear from speakers and spend time working together to think critically about issues relevant to our own community.

Sense of Belonging

The Community of Scholars is intended to be just that—a community. Students are able to form connections through a variety of activities, such as an ice cream social, group dinners, karaoke night, community service projects, and more. Regular emails that keep students updated on what is going on in the Community of Scholars and with their peers promotes cohesiveness through their time at Furman and beyond. Like-minded individuals are able to connect through the Community of Scholars regardless of academic field or other interests. The Advantage Scholars summer program provides a jump-start to meeting people before other students arrive on campus for the fall semester, and intentional programming for scholars during their first year solidifies those connections.

Resources and Mentorship

As members of the Community of Scholars, students have access to additional mentorship resources. In particular, the Community of Scholars faculty liaison, Dr. A. Scott Henderson, William R. Kenan Jr. professor of education and director of national and international scholarships, ( provides counsel to scholars about their academic plans, career options, and national/international scholarship opportunities. Throughout their time in the Community of Scholars, students will have the chance to meet and interact with a variety of enthusiastic faculty and staff members, other scholars in the classes above them, alumni scholars, and members of the Greenville community whose work aligns with their passions.

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Student Stories

Sam Schaich '27

"The lectures and activities in Advantage Scholars were incredibly interesting and opened my eyes in countless ways. I also met a ton of new people that are now some of my closest friends on campus! The scholars community continues to remain a strong and engaging part of my life at Furman."

Natondi Mokeba '26

"Through the Community of Scholars at Furman, I not only discovered incredible academic opportunities but also forged lifelong friendships that made my college experience truly special. It's a supportive network that transformed my time at Furman into a home away from home."

Nabila Wilson '27

"The Advantage Scholars program made my transition to college much easier. Going in the summer, I got to meet people and learn about the campus so I wasn't as scared for move-in day. Now I know wherever I go on campus, there will likely be a fellow scholar that I can talk to."
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Student Takeaways From the Advantage Scholars Program 2023

  • “The program opened up so many conversations for my peers and me that we never would have had otherwise. It was a great experience to connect with so many people so quickly.”
  • “This showed me that we’re all connected. I loved meeting such a diverse group of people and seeing how many connections we all share together that bring us closer and help us understand each other.”
  • “My biggest takeaway is how much we can affect the world around us, and how many young people actually care to address our world's problems. It has encouraged me to actively seek out others who are desiring change, and to personally help make positive shifts in the world.”
  • “Furman is definitely my place. These people are my people, and I definitely belong here.”