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More than sixty incoming freshman scholars came to Furman June 21-24 to listen, learn, contemplate, interact, share ideas, and experience community with their fellow incoming scholars. Among the highlights of their time on campus were:

  • a welcome dinner with President Davis
  • excellent faculty presentations on understanding the causes and impact of poverty, recognizing our innate biases, and discerning fake and real news.
  • thought-provoking presentations by community leaders including Greenville Mayor Knox White; Dr. Russell Booker, CEO of the Spartanburg Academic Movement; and two recent Furman grads who highlighted the work of Mill Village Communities
  • open and honest discussion after a tour of Furman’s campus that highlighted the university’s roots in antebellum slave culture and its modern reckoning with that history
  • small group discussions digging deeper on critical issues such as healthcare, the environment, public education, and criminal justice
  • fun-filled social activities including a hands-on cooking class, an outdoor cookout, and creative games and activities led by Furman students who are their counselors Here’s what a few students had to say about their experience at the Advantage Scholars summer program:

“It truly taught me that Furman cares about their students and who they are molding into a leader. I had a thought along the lines of, ‘Our future president or congressman could be sitting here right now.’ Knowing that these people care about their education really encouraged me that Furman is for me.”

“What impacted me the most was seeing how much race is intertwined with all sorts of social issues, whether it be poverty, food insecurity, global warming, or health care. It’s an issue that needs to continue to be addressed.”

“My greatest takeaway is that there is no one right answer to many issues. Each decision that people in power must make needs to be thought through very carefully.”

“It definitely opened my mind to listening more to other points of view and perspectives even if I don’t agree with them.”

“I thought the speakers and my peers were just absolutely brilliant and I am excited to learn more.”

“I am a lot more excited to be here in the fall!”