Riley Fellows in the News: December 17, 2020

Kimberly Johnson (Midlands, Spring 2012) was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives. Among those reelected to the South Carolina House of Representatives are: Beth Bernstein (Lowcountry, Fall 2019); Gilda Cobb-Hunter (Lowcountry, Fall 2014); Neal Collins (Upstate, Fall 2015); Joe Daning (Lowcountry, Fall 2010); Chandra Dillard (Upstate, Fall 2004); Jason Elliott (Upstate, Fall 2016); Roger Kirby (Lowcountry, Fall 2017); Weston Newton (Lowcountry, Fall 2016); Russell Ott (Lowcountry, Fall 2015); and Leon Stavrinakis (Lowcountry, Spring 2006). Read more.

Among those reelected to the South Carolina Senate are: Sean Bennett (Lowcountry, Fall 2014); Margie Bright Matthews (Lowcountry, Fall 2016); Tom Davis (Lowcountry, Fall 2019); Mike Fanning (Midlands, Spring 2011); Kevin Johnson (Lowcountry, Fall 2011); Gerald Malloy (Lowcountry, Fall 2014); Mia McLeod (Lowcountry, Fall 2012); Luke Rankin (Lowcountry, Fall 2015); and John Scott (Upstate, Fall 2004). Read more.

If you are a Riley Fellow just elected or reelected as mayor or as a member of a city or county council, please email us at by January 6, 2021.