Team Members: Tim Ayers, Shane Goodwin, Michael Johnson, Al Leonard, Norris Williams, Kevin Wren

Our Goal: M.A.L.E. C.A.L.L. will empower male students in Rock Hill middle schools academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

Our Mission Statement: Through M.A.L.E. C.A.L.L., adult male role models and representatives from the Rock Hill Police Department will actively seek to establish a strong bond with middle school male students while instilling in them positive character traits, respect for others, and the value of education to assist them in becoming well-rounded, young men of integrity who contribute to the society in which they live.

Why M.A.L.E. C.A.L.L.?: Young male adolescents today face many more obstacles and stumbling blocks than most adults faced at that age. They are constantly bombarded with negative messages and images that influence their thinking and habits.

M.A.L.E. C.A.L.L. will provide all middle school male students with positive adult role models from within the ranks of each middle school and the Rock Hill Police Department. Each school is fortunate to have male administrators, faculty and staff members as a part of the school environment. All have fully committed to this initiative and will strive to provide the area’s male students with skills and knowledge that will empower them to overcome these obstacles.

The strategies utilized by M.A.L.E. C.A.L.L. are relatively simple in concept. The team’s goal is to establish a strong and lasting bond through activities that are fun, informative and memorable. Examples include sleepovers, cookouts, speakers, movies and games.

Through M.A.L.E. C.A.L.L., the Men of MIDDLE SCHOOLS IN ROCK HILL pledge to do their part to assist each of these young men to fulfill his potential.

Mutual respect



Establish goals



Lend a hand

Lead by example