Team Members: Natalie Corella, Kerri Forrest, Stephen Grant, Natalie Gregg, Carlisle Harrison, Charles Hudgens, Linda Huffman, John Truluck, Candice Wigfield,

“Why Not Charleston” aims at launching the Lowcountry DRC program, a cutting edge recruitment strategy that helps attract and retain top talent while promoting diversity throughout our State. As a team, the group will identify and secure local ownership of the DRC initiative, grow the critical mass of members and provide communication tools/resources to sustain its growth. Through this initiative team members hope to 1) build a diverse network of companies united in attracting and cultivating top talent in SC and dispelling negative stereotypes that exist about our State; 2) create personal connections and support through the Ambassador programs; and 3) support the economic growth of our State to ensure that businesses that launch, relocate or reside in SC are equipped with top talent from a diverse workforce.