Team Members: 

Many people believe poetry is relegated solely to academics or to those possessing a specific artistic disposition.  But because everyone has a story to tell, the Voices of Diversity team is convinced anyone can become a poet. Through the writing and telling of our own unique stories, we can better know and understand ourselves, and others in our community.

The purpose of the Voices of Diversity project is to engage community members in an autobiographical poetry writing exercise. Participants will attend two sessions led by the renowned poet, Glenis Redmond. At these sessions Glenis will offer writing techniques, guidance and editing as participants create their own unique poems based on the theme:  “Where I Am From.” The project will culminate with a public reading by 15-25 individuals at the Peace Center’s Gunter Theatre, June 25.  The evening will celebrate the diversity of our community in a deeply intimate and personal way, both highlighting our differences and reflecting our commonalities. The reading and the reception following will be hosted by Secretary Richard Riley.