Team Members: George Allwes, Troy Chisolm, Jessica Fisher, Scott Henderson, Leonard Kupersmith, Ricky McGrady, Diane McNeil, Jordana Megonigal, Susi Smith

Adopting uniforms is an increasingly common strategy to create a sense of equality and social harmony in public k-12 schools.  Although the costs of uniforms are typically low in absolute terms, they can be relatively high—even prohibitive—for some families. Uni-Form-Ity seeks to meet this challenge by assisting Berea Middle School, which is located near Furman University. The school plans on requiring uniforms beginning in the 2015-2016 school year. School administrators estimate that approximately 50 families will be unable to afford the projected annual cost for uniforms (about $100). Consequently, the team has created a set of strategies to solicit both monetary and clothing donations to help these families. This will involve collaboration among Berea Middle, Furman University students, and several local businesses/corporations. The group hopes that their strategies can create a self-sustaining model that can be used in subsequent years by Berea Middle, as well as other schools that decide to require uniforms.