Public transportation options are essentially nonexistent in rural areas. Thus, for people who live in rural areas and who do not own cars, it is difficult, if not impossible, to reliably get to work, obtain proper medical care, and access healthy food sources. Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation helps people from rural communities access these fundamental human needs by repairing donated cars and giving them free of charge to those who cannot afford them. 

Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation continues to receive significant publicity, producing numerous benefits such as marked increases in funding, donations of cars, and applications for cars. The publicity is also creating new challenges such as responding to the many inquiries in a timely manner, deciding how to select applicants with the greatest needs, finding places to store donated cars, and finding additional mechanics. 

The goal of our project team, which includes founder Eliot Middleton, is to establish parameters for an advisory board for the purpose of providing the foundation with advice, connections, and resources that will be helpful in responding to opportunities and in fulfilling its mission. Our project team is drafting a mission statement, by-laws for the executive board, a list of suggested qualifications for advisory board members, guidelines for selecting an advisory board, and a list of potential advisory board members.