Team Members: Roxanne Cromartie, Jennie Johnson, Richard Kornacki, ST Peden, Joey  Preston, John Simpkins, Rosylin Weston

The P.O.M.B. Squad focused on the participation of women and minorities on high-profile boards in Upstate South Carolina. Team members analyzed the representation of women and minorities on nine boards with significant social and economic impact and found that the representation of women and minorities on these nine boards was not an accurate representation of the demographic composition of the Upstate. Additionally, the P.O.M.B. Squad concluded that steps needed to be taken towards expanding the number of women and minorities represented on these boards. These steps could include appointing committees with diversity leadership sensitivity training that would focus on achieving diversity in board member appointments and partner with corporations that have proven successful as diversity mentors, such as Coca-Cola and IBM. Furthermore, the team recommended that scholarships for women and minorities should be extended annually through future Riley diversity program classes to a city councilperson, county councilperson, and a representative from the legislative delegation.