Team OTB (Out of the Box) partnered with Wachovia, a Wells Fargo Company, and the Upstate YMCAs to deliver financial literacy for children in grades 4–6. The focus of the project was to provide financial education and workshops for children in four areas: where money comes from; budgeting; savings & checking; and credit, using the online program Hands on Banking, offered by Wells Fargo

OTB members brainstormed on several topics and chose this project because of the importance of educating children about money management and what is involved to achieve financial stability. Financial stability, to the team, does not mean being wealthy; it means being able to support your “needs” and then prepare (save) for future “wants.” The program was developed to teach both the basics of good money management and the skills needed to create a brighter financial future.

The online program is available free of charge in both English and Spanish and the curriculum is designed for self-paced, individual learning or for classroom use. There are also programs available on the website for adults, young adults and teens.