The goal of One Fairfield is to create an opportunity for the student bodies of Fairfield Central High School and Richard Winn Academy to foster communication and ultimately establish relationships with each other. As a result of the racial composition of each school, student exposure to diversity in the education setting is limited. Richard Winn has a predominantly Caucasian student body, and Fairfield Central High School has a predominantly African American student body. While the schools are separated by only 5 miles in Winnsboro, SC, their current interactions are limited and educational opportunities vary. One Fairfield poses a plan for a purposeful interaction between the two student bodies.


One Fairfield will provide an opportunity for the student athletes of both schools to use fellowship, food, and football as a means of interaction to expand their exposure to cultural diversities and norms.

Target Audience:

  • Fairfield Central High School football players and cheerleaders
  • Richard Winn Academy football players and cheerleaders


  • Fairfield County faith-based partners for food and beverages
  • Fairfield County business partners for contributions and prizes


  • Fairfield Central High School Cafeteria, August 12, 2019
  • Prior to the inaugural football jamboree hosted at Fairfield Central High School


The student athletes from both schools will meet before the football jamboree for two hours of fellowship, food, and activities. The activities, serving as tools for communication, will foster an environment of fun and engagement. The food will be provided by the faith-based partners and the prizes and giveaways will be donated by the business partners.