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The “Mobilizers” capstone project seeks to provide every child in Greenville, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status access to safe, quality play and recreation. Children of ethnic and racial minorities and lower socioeconomic status are more vulnerable than other populations to obesity and related health conditions such as diabetes so improving access of these groups to activities which promote a healthy lifestyle is key. The project specifically involves the creation of a mobile recreation vehicle which will be filled with sports and play equipment geared for children. DLI team members will engage neighborhood associations and raise funds for the vehicle and equipment. The key partnership is with the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation who will utilize the mobile recreation vehicle to expand programs within target neighborhoods. Staff from Parks and Recreation will engage children in play sessions, mobile day camps, special programming and city events. The goal is to have a public unveiling of the vehicle and hand over the keys to the City of Greenville in June 2013 with the hope that when the children see the mobile recreation vehicle coming, they run to it like the ice cream truck, excited for the play to begin!

The Mobilizers along with the City of Greenville unveiled Mobi-Rec (mobile recreation vehicle) in a ceremony on Main Street on July 11, 2013. The “Mobi-Rec” unit, filled with sports and play equipment, is ready to provide play sessions, mobile camps and other special events, For photos from the ceremony click here.

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