Team members: Barbara Blain-Bellamy, Stephane Cocard, Ben Duncan, Jeremy Gilbert, David Kirkpatrick, Lucy Grey McIver, Cortney Nick, Abby Woods, Susan Ybarra

Homeless No More is a nonprofit organization that believes family homelessness is a temporary condition, not a chronic problem. Homeless No More offers a continuum of care for homeless families through its program split into 3 domains: Family Shelter (emergency shelter), St. Lawrence Place (two-year transitional housing) and Live Oak Place (permanent affordable housing).   The Homeless No More model is unique because it keeps families together, including fathers and teenage boys. Statistics show that 82% of the families that graduate from Homeless No More programs achieve financial independence.

Lila Anna Sauls, president and CEO of Homeless No More, provides a strong, proven leadership to the organization.  Our Capstone Group, “Let’s End It!”, met with Ms. Sauls to assess the needs of the organization to devise a strategy to both increase awareness of the Homeless No More offerings and find opportunities to grow the individual donor base.  Due to the recent expansion of services and programs, that include a name change to Homeless No More in 2015, we developed a communication strategy to share the foundation of the organization and its evolution into a more comprehensive program.  In addition, we created a one-pager, which can be printed and distributed at events or in mailings, as well as, created a mock website, which we believe will raise awareness, capture an audience and compel potential volunteers and donors to “Let’s End It!”