All students want to be successful, but many students do not know HOW to be successful in the multiple facets of high school. All students have questions as they transition from year to year, but most are unaware of who can provide answers to their questions. The combined support of families, school personnel, and law enforcement officers can help struggling students learn to communicate effectively with others, to advocate positively for themselves, to formulate positive, trusting relationships between school and home, and to become integral participants in school activities.

GIVE IT A TRI…is a three hour, summer mini-conference for at-risk rising 7th-9th grade Mauldin area students and their families. The first annual conference will include sessions on transitioning from middle school to high school, who’s who within the schools, social media education, and effective student-to-student and student-to-adult communication. Sessions will be hosted by law enforcement, school leaders, and student leaders. Sessions in all topics will be provided for parents/guardians and for students.

This initial summer conference is stage one of the GIVE IT A TRI… project. The group vision is that by 2018-19, all Greenville County middle and high schools will be hosting GIVE IT A TRI… summer conferences and that by 2019-20, Greenville County will host a county-wide day-long conference for at-risk students and their families.