The “Jasmine Roadies” group has the honor to support the Jasmine Road organization by helping to create an Employer Partnership Program while also working to increase their exposure through new marketing material. Jasmine Road is local to Greenville, South Carolina, and is South Carolina’s first long-term residential program for adult female survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Jasmine Road serves to heal, empower, and employ survivors by providing a pathway of opportunity and a lifelong community of support. Through their work with Jasmine Kitchen, survivors are able to grow as people and develop their skills. Jasmine Kitchen is a social enterprise restaurant open to the community, employing residents and graduates of Jasmine Road in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Our team worked with the staff at Jasmine Road to understand their needs and vision for the future and were able to develop the following activities: 

  • Development of the Jasmine Road Employer Partnership Program (JREPP) is designed to help inform employers of the program at Jasmine Road and also showcase the skills and talents that will be developed during their time in the program.  
  • Work with employers who have programs for the formally incarcerated to better understand what they are looking for in graduates and how we can align to these needs. 
  • Linked with a marketing company that is interested in supporting Jasmine Road, pro bono, and increasing items such as Brand Messaging, Content for Advertising Channels, Commercialized Content for Speaking Engagements, and digitalization of Training Materials. 

Our group utilized all the individual talents and skills of its members to provide diverse input, which brought the team some very exciting results, for both Jasmine Road and all team members personally. Although the team was able to accomplish all of this virtually, using many forms of virtual and digital platforms helps us be agile and flexible. With that said, we also were able to have a wonderful lunch together at Jasmine Kitchen and were able to support their organization in person. Additionally, the team members were all so empowered by the work of Jasmine Road as generous donations were made.