DLI-ted to Bike’s project is designed to help fifteen at-risk middle schoolers to get into the flow of “bike-friendly” Greenville. The middle schoolers will be from the Sterling Community, a neighborhood that is in transition. The DLI project will help provide these students with a more intimate overview of biking, better nutrition habits; and explain how to avoid poor eating and how a lack of exercise can lead to heath problems such as obesity, diabetes and a shortened life span. Read more about this project.

The Greenville Spinners Riding Club will supply helmets, and give the students an overview of safe bicycling. St. Francis Hospital will provide the kids with a tour of the hospital, and provide expert advice on nutrition and even some health careers. Two recreational leaders from the Sterling neighborhood will provide critical, hands-on direction to the students and the project’s goals.

Twelve of students will be at-risk, and seven of these will be children who have one or both parents incarcerated. DLI-ted to Bike has partnered with the Institute on Family & Neighborhood Life at Clemson University through its Building Dreams program in order to sustain the program beyond the initial pilot. Through the partnership with Building Dreams, each child will have a mentor who can help mold them into a good citizen.

View a video from an edition of Palmetto Scene is Health and Wellness. This edition included a look at the bike club in the upstate, a farm/garden in Rock Hill and a program sending new moms information through text messages.