The goal of our project is to support equitable and inclusive economic growth in South Carolina by encouraging businesses and non-profit organizations to recruit and hire more diverse people. Diversifying the workforce so that all people have equal opportunities and fair compensation is both the right thing and the smart thing to do for South Carolina’s future. South Carolina has persistent gender and racial income gaps that impede economic growth, economic mobility, and human development. Diverse companies perform better. Furthermore, South Carolina is facing a skilled labor shortage, and companies need to work harder to attract and retain talent.

Project Deliverables:

  • Identify promising practices and resources for a) recruiting and b) hiring diverse historically underrepresented groups
  • Convene a group of business and nonprofit stakeholders in the Midlands region to identify opportunities and action steps for diversifying and strengthening workforce

Target Groups:

  • Small businesses, nonprofits, especially in SC
  • Business and industry groups
  • Population groups that are historically disadvantaged in the workforce, including women, racial minorities/people of color, people with disabilities, formerly incarcerated people, and veterans