C2C: Collision to Collaboration selected Sara Collins Elementary’s Sizzling Saturday program for its pilot.

Goal: Define, create, plan, and implement a Diversity module to be incorporated into an existing Sizzling Saturday event at Sara Collins Elementary. Based on the results of this pilot, we plan to define the Sizzling Saturday program with a Diversity module and introduce it to elementary schools in neighboring school districts working collaboratively with schools and local PTAs.

Purpose of Sizzling Saturday: Provide an opportunity for parents to be engaged in the education of their children who do not have the flexibility in their schedule to participate during the week, or who have had a bad experience at the school and have altogether disconnected from school activities. Each month a new subject (math, science, art, nutrition, etc) is presented through three (3) to four (4) concurrent sessions of 30-minute duration. Participants are involved in interactive lessons with specific learning points. This is a great opportunity for parents to engage in the academics of their child(ren).

The overall objective of C2C’s diversity module: Introduce and educate elementary students, their parents, and the educators on the Diversity concepts through interactive exercises; talk about individual differences and how they should be managed to enhance performance goals; encourage participation and interaction among families to highlight cultural similarities and differences; teach the concept of respect through exercises that demonstrate complementary behavior.

Proposed Method: Conduct 3 or 4 interactive concurrent sessions on January 24, 2009. The event is typically from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Details will be discussed with Garry Green, Sara Collins Elementary’s Sizzling Saturday Coordinator. Create a transition plan to introduce this concept to schools in the Anderson, Pickens, Greenville, and/or Spartanburg areas.