Team Carried Away chose to help people in their communities get where they need to go by taking action to address an ongoing need in the Lowcountry and Grand Strand communities – transportation. The lack of transportation creates challenges for all members of a community. This need is also supported by the Our Health, Our Future Tri-Country Health Improvement Plan 2018 – 2023 which recommends that area organizations “support and expand efforts to reduce barriers to transportation” in an effort to provide access to care and improve the health of individuals, families, and communities in the Tri-County area.

Team Carried Away researched potential resources to provide transportation specifically for community members with limited resources who have health issues and are in need of care. The goal was to find a reliable resource for organizations and health care providers to use to successfully get patients to their appointments, court dates, or even to the pharmacy as well as to share this information with local non-profit organizations, community health providers, and social service agencies. Two community meetings are planned for early December – one in the Lowcountry and one in Myrtle Beach. Each meeting will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about Circulation Health, a HIPAA compliant transportation app, which provides convenient ride rescheduling, custom billing, and real-time tracking to help reduce readmission rates and lower no show rates. It is Team Carried Away’s hope that multiple organizations in both areas will begin to utilize Circulation Health to provide reliable transportation through Lyft and Uber drivers to ensure their patients have access to care in their communities.