The Capitol Improvers created P.R.E.P. (Preparedness Re-Entry Program) Action, a program which focuses on providing resources for ex-offender transition and systems for reconnecting the recently released ex-offender with his or her community. Group members hope to help break the endless cycle of release and re-incarceration by providing information about and access to support systems at the point of release; these support systems could meet social, economic, emotional, and spiritual needs. The Capitol Improvers have developed a resource guide of organizations and agencies that can be inexpensively reprinted and given to the ex-offender upon release. The guides will be made available to offenders nearing release through their case workers. In addition to this resource guide, a laminated card with basic United Way 2-1-1 contact information will be provided to ex-offenders. The resource guide will be maintained in both Spanish and English through a United Way grant. The Capitol Improvers are partnering with the Alston Wilkes Society and United Way of the Midlands to assist with helping ex-offenders make the re-entry transition successful.