Team members: Richard Band, Lisa Brown, Quinetta Buterbaugh, Anita Case, Stephanie Frazier, Monty Robertson, Roy Still

Project Mission

To reduce the number of Rock Hill graduates without a viable post-graduation plan by 25%

Project Description

In Rock Hill, approximately 30% of graduating seniors do not have a post-secondary college, military, or career plan. While this statistic is staggering, the Black Economic Leadership League of Rock Hill (BELL) is poised to act.

BELL is comprised of Black business owners and engaged community members whose mission is to be a resource and advocate for the Black community in Rock Hill. The BELL Ringers partnered with BELL to present the inaugural High School Workforce and Education Expo which provided graduating seniors, who do not have a post-secondary college, military, or career plans, a viable and immediate career opportunity upon graduating from high school.

The High School Workforce and Education Expo partnered soon-to-be graduates with local employers, representatives from SCWorks, and educational institutions. School counselors at each of the three Rock Hill School District high schools identified students who did not have a formal plan. The BELL Ringers recruited over 15 local employers to meet with students and discuss viable career opportunities that were available immediately. SCWorks and educational institutions also attended, sharing information with students about additional services, coursework, and ways to navigate traditional employment barriers.

Project Objectives

  • Raise awareness of the available workforce pipeline created by recent graduates
  • Connect local employers with viable candidates for open, entry-level positions
  • Increase employment and workforce development opportunities for recent graduates
  • Lessen barriers to employment

Additional Benefits

  • Decrease the number of citizens living in poverty
  • Decrease the unemployment rate for people aged 18-24