The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s (SC Campaign), goal is to decrease teen pregnancy in our state, and to that end, it provides training and technical assistance to adults who are working with or caregivers to teens (ages 12-24).

The SC Campaign developed a six-hour long Askable Adult workshop targeted at adults working with teens (coaches, camp counselors, youth ministers, etc.) that provides participants with an opportunity to learn how to improve communication skills to support adolescents’ healthy decisions. The philosophy of the training is that every moment with a teen is precious and an opportunity for positive encounters that have the most benefit for the teen.

To date, the SC Campaign has trained over 360 adults in its Askable Adult training. However, our team recognizes that if we are to have a greater impact, we must target not just people who work with young adults on a periodic basis, but those adults—parents and family members—that have young people in their lives daily.