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Refund Policy

Term fees are refundable through the end of the second week of classes. After the end of the second week, there will be no refunds given. An administration charge of $10 will apply to any course cancellation unless replaced with another class. If an entire membership and/or all classes are canceled, there will be a $25 administration charge.  NOTE:  In the Summer Term, there will be no refunds for dropped classes once the session begins. For all Cooking and Four-week classes, term fees are refundable through the end of the first week only.

Trip or Event Cancellation Policy

Any event cancellations or no shows after the Monday prior to an event by members for special one-day events will be charged $25 by OLLI. The member will not be able to sign up for future events or trips until this fee is paid. In case of emergency or sickness, within 24 hours of the event, we ask that the member call to notify the office or trip leader if possible. The notification procedure allows time for another member on the waitlist to be contacted to take your place. Please be fair and considerate to your fellow members.

Classroom Code of Conduct

Topics included within the OLLI curriculum may evoke emotional and visceral reactions to social, religious, political, and economic events, which inherently have elements of human tragedy, and during the course of time, may create discord.  Comments shared within the class should be voiced in a professional manner conducive to promoting civil discourse and intellectual honesty.

Passionate dialogue is encouraged as long as opposing viewpoints are respected and the dignity of others is maintained.  In the event that an issue arises which compromises this premise and is deemed detrimental to the learning environment (i.e. unwarranted personal attacks or unsolicited dialogue outside of the classroom environment), then the OLLI administration has the authority to remove a student or instructor from the class and/or the program.