Furman Website Editor Resources

Welcome to the Furman site editor resource help page. Here you will find the latest updates, tools, trainings, FAQs and more.

Table of Contents:

  • Site Editor Guide
  • Website Editor Training Requests
  • 2023 Digital Marketing Seminar Resources
  • Modules Archive
  • Photo Editing Guide
  • Site Access & Project Requests Form
  • Faculty & Staff Profile Forms
  • New Website Webinar Recording
  • FAQs
  • Site Editor Questions Form
  • ADA Resources
  • Web Photo Gallery

Furman Website Editor Resources


Request a training session with ITS

You can book an initial or additional website training through ITS. Click on the link below to view and book these options.

Book a Training Session

View our guide

Please click the link below to access the Furman Site Editor Guide. We will be updating this resource regularly.

View the guide

View the modules archive

The following page has listed all standard Furman WordPress modules with visual examples and descriptions to help you as a site editor understand the different varieties and options for updating and building out new content.

Page password: FurmanSiteEditor

View all modules

Web ADA Compliances Resources & Trainings

Watch our fall 2023 Web Compliance Training Webinar with Allyant via the button below, or utilize some of our other resources:


Watch Recorded ADA Training Session

Access our photo editing guide for the website

What’s in the guide?

  • Why you need to resize photos before uploading to the website
  • How to resize a photo (Photoshop)
  • How to resize a photo (Canto)
  • How to know what dimensions your photo should be
  • A list of dimensions for most-used modules

View the Guide

Watch the recorded webinar

Click to view on Box the recorded webinar session on 8/9/2022 focusing on new features and updates for the new website launch.

Watch the recording

Access handouts and presentations from our Digital Marketing Seminar held on May 24, 2023

Review the presentation from the University Communications digital marketing seminar, or view/download the handout via the link below.

Seminar 1-sheet handout

Web Photo Gallery

This photo gallery offers a variety of images of campus life and beauty for your website and marketing use. Please be sure to crop and compress the image file size appropriately in order to upload it to the website (max file size 1000KB). Simply click on the link and download the image you would like to use.

View The Gallery
Website Project Request & Site Access Form

If you need assistance with a web project or need to update/establish website credentials, please use the following form.


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Faculty & Staff Profile Requests

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Website FAQs

Have a Question as a Website Editor?

Please note this form is intended for question or issues you may be experiencing while editing your website. If you are wanting to request a project, website access, or profile updates please scroll up on this page and choose the appropriate section.

Website Redesign Goals & Achievements:

  • Increased ADA accessibility to Level AA 2.1.
  • Implemented stronger mobile presentation, responsiveness, and streamlined navigation.
  • Created a central content system with a refreshed News site design.
  • Increased first page organic rankings for priority keywords.
  • Elevated Furman’s brand and through improved design.
  • Instilled a clear user path and clear calls-to-action for visit, apply and give.
  • Establish individual pages for each major
  • Optimized site loading speed.