Staff FAQ

How do I reset my password?
You’ll find instructions on how to reset your password on our password management portal.

My office computer is getting old. When will I get a new one?
Most staff computers are on a four-year replacement cycle. You may request a new computer after your current computer is four years old. You can use the e-request system to look up when your computer was installed, and also to request a new one. The IT Service Center can also help.

I need to update an administrative system. How do I get access?
Please contact the IT Service Center and they’ll get you started on the process for getting the necessary permissions.

I’ve hired a new employee. Can they please get their account information?
New accounts (user name and password) are created automatically once Human Resources enters a new hire’s employment information. Please contact Human Resources to be sure they have the necessary information for your new hire.

How do I update an administrative system while working from home?
If you have update access to an administrative system on campus, you can have the same access off-campus by using Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. Please contact the IT Service Center and ask about using VPN.

Who should I call about _________?
No single ITS staff member knows everything about Furman information technology. Each ITS staff member is responsible for a number of IT services and has secondary responsibilities as well. That’s how we can provide quick solutions when some ITS staff need to be away. Please call the IT Service Center, and you will be put in touch with the best person available.