Furman has successfully responded to the challenges presented by the pandemic by continuing to inspire purposeful living and fostering thriving communities through learning, creativity, and innovation.  We have learned – often by necessity – that we can continue to meet our mission and vision for the University through innovative work practices.

We also have come to recognize that many of these new ways of working are here to stay and, in fact, provide tangible benefits to our staff, to our students, and to the University as a whole.  Moreover, our ability to recruit and retain top talent will depend, at least in part, on our willingness to embrace the kinds of forward-looking practices that have been adopted across the higher education landscape in the United States, as well as among other organizations in our region.

We have therefore embarked on a plan to envision what the future of work will look like at Furman, both in the near and long term.  With the assistance of Furman’s Human Resources department and a working group of our senior leaders, we have developed a strategy to deploy a pilot program over the next academic year, which we have entitled the Future of Work.

As part of its Future of Work strategy, Furman will be evaluating remote and hybrid work options among some of its staff and administrators on a department-by-department basis.  We recognize that some roles on campus do not lend themselves to either remote or hybrid work options.  Those employees who, by the nature of their role, cannot work remotely are nevertheless critical to the success of the pilot.  Their presence will foster the sense of community and vibrancy that our students have come to value.  This pilot program is intended to determine which roles may be performed remotely or through a combination of on-site and remote practices.

On this page you will find the policy and associated forms for the Future of Work program.  To request a Remote Work Agreement, log in to Workday and search for Request Remote Work Agreement.  If you have questions about how to complete this process, please reference the help document here.