Work Related Issues

Have a Concern About Your Job or Your Benefits

Contact Human Resources, we will be happy to listen to your concern, to assist in resolving any problems, and to implement your suggestions for improvement.

Time Away from Work (vacation, sick, leave)

Full-time staff are eligible for vacation and sick leave. Vacation and sick leave balances are printed on your pay stub. Requests for time off should be made in advance, if possible.

Furman will support time off for jury duty by treating it as regular work time with full pay.

Family Medical Leave (FML) Eligible employees are allowed to take medical leave for up to twelve weeks for a serious medical condition, caring for a family member who has a serious medical condition or for the birth or adoption of a child. Employees must complete a leave of absence form, available in Human Resourees, and provide medical certification. Eligibility requirements, definitions and the use of vacation/sick leave during FML are explained in Policies & Procedures.

Birthday Day Off

Effective January 1, 2015, an individual may take a birthday day off in accordance with University Policy 819.2.

Q: How many hours off do staff get for their birthday?

A: The birthday off is equivalent to the number of hours an employee would be scheduled to work on a regular work day.

Q: What if my birthday falls on a weekend? Do I get to take a different day off?

A: Yes, a different day off may be taken, provided it is taken during the birthday month. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the immediate supervisor.

Q: What if my birthday is on a holiday or a shut-down day for the University.

A: Staff members may arrange with their immediate supervisor to take the birthday off before or after the break.

Q: I am a nine-month employee and my birthday falls during a month in which I do not work. Do I get to take off a different day?

A: Yes, employees may make arrangements with their immediate supervisor to take a day off at another time.

Q: In 2015 my birthday falls on a day I am not scheduled to work. Do I get to take off a different day?

A: Yes, employees may make arrangements with their immediate supervisor to take their birthday off at another agreed upon time.

Q: What if my job responsibilities prevent me from being able to take off my birthday?

A: Employees may make arrangements with their immediate supervisor to take their birthday off at another agreed upon time.

Q: May I take my birthday off outside of my birthday month?

A: Whether staff can take their birthday off during a month outside of their birthday month is within their immediate supervisor’s discretion.

Q: Can I choose not to take a day off for my birthday and receive additional compensation instead?

A: Employees may not receive additional compensation in lieu of taking their birthday off.

Q: How is the birthday off different than a holiday?

A: Both are considered holidays per the policy. Employees may make arrangements with their immediate supervisor to take their birthday or university holidays off at another agreed upon time to ensure employees are available to meet the needs of the department.

On the Job Injury

Contact your supervisor immediately to report your injury. Injuries that are not reported in a timely maner may not be eligible for worker compensation coverage. If you need medical attention you will be asked to go to one of the doctors approved by Furman. Medical costs for job-related injuries will be paid by workers compensation insurance. If your injury causes you to miss work, workers compensation insurance will offset some of your pay. You will need a release from the doctor to return to work. .

You Become Disabled

Contact your Supervisor to report your illness or injury.

Contact Human Resources to schedule medical leave. Forms for approval and doctor certification are available in Human Resources.

If your disability will exceed three months, and you have at least one year of full-time service, you may apply for disability insurance. The approval process takes 8-10 weeks. Long-term disability benefits cover 60% of your regular income (coordinated with social security and workers compensation). Applications are available in Human Resources.

Plan To Retire

Notify your supervisor and Human Resources of your planned retirement date.

Request retirement illustrations and information about income options from your retirement company.

Decide whether you want to begin your retirement income or delay until a later date. You will need to complete forms at least 60 days prior to your first check date to allow enough time for processing.

Decide if you will begin to draw social security income and elect Medicare. Social security estimates and information can be obtained by calling or visiting the local social security office at 110 Frederick Street, Suite A, Greenville, SC 29607 (864) 233-1116.

Decide if you will continue medical and life insurance coverages for you and your spouse. If you are under 65, you may continue with the same group medical coverage, but must pay the full premium. If you are 65 or over, your Medicare will pay first and your group medical insurance will pay the difference. The premium for this “Medicare supplement” is less than the full premium.

Plan To Leave the University

Inform your supervisor and Human Resources. It is common practice to give at least two weeks notice and to submit a resignation letter.

Schedule an exit interview with Human Resources. Discussing benefit and retirement plan options will be a part of the exit process. Employees must also return their keys, ID card, and credit cards along with other Furman property during the exit interview.