Looking for options? There are a multitude of choices for internships, nationally and internationally, and our office will help you connect with them. With so many possibilities, you may want some advice on how to focus your search. By discussing your interests with you, our office can help you find the best resources for internships in corporations, government, non-profits or organizations in your field of study.

Online Resources

Ready to start your summer internship search? A combination of personal research using these resources and a one-on-one meeting with our staff can help ensure that you find an internship that’s right for you. Come meet with us so we may assist you with your search to find a variety of internship possibilities with organizations with which Furman has relationships.

Let us help you search other third-party resources based on your interests and goals.

Fields of Study

Looking for an internship that relates directly to your studies? We can help you find it. At Furman, we’ve had a biology major work with sea turtles in Florida, an economics major work at a performing arts venue in Washington, D.C., and a communications major work at a public relations firm in New York, just to name a few. We’ll discuss your coursework, what you want to learn, and where you want to intern to help you find options.

Government and Civil Service

Our students have been involved in internships at every level of government. From working on sustainability projects with the City of Greenville to serving in the public affairs office at the Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C., our students are all over the world learning how to be global leaders.


Our students have traveled across the globe, from Brussels to China to Edinburgh. They’ve learned about working internationally through study-away programs that include internships. Students also pursue internships in international corporations and non-profits in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

We receive support from faculty, alumni, parents, and friends of Furman, as well as our dynamic local business community. In fact, a growing number of our connections are reaching out to students to talk about their work, give advice, and provide a link to internship opportunities.

If you’re looking for an internship in a particular field or with a certain company, connect with our office. Networking with us and our connections can be a valuable resource that will help you learn more about a particular industry or internship.

Non-Profit Organizations

Are you passionate about civil liberties? Helping underprivileged children? Working with refugees? Planning programs to help make our nation healthier? We can help you make a difference. By working with a non-profit organization, you can gain insight into how these organizations operate and determine if non-profit work is right for you.