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COVID-19 Dashboard

Furman University is continually monitoring health conditions on campus to determine what steps are necessary to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and address the risks and uncertainties related to the virus. This dashboard will be updated on January 18, upon our students’ return to campus, and in consultation with the COVID Planning Steering Committee and Prisma Health, pulling data from multiple sources to track various metrics that will help inform our decision-making related to campus operations. View our health and safety protocols.

The dashboard reports combined results obtained via symptomatic testing and asymptomatic surveillance monitoring, confirmed by the Earle Student Health Center. The data below is updated as of midnight Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020.

Cumulative Reported Positive Tests since 8/12/2020

Students: 117

Employees: 9


11/9-11/15 11/2-11/8
Total Number of students tested during the reporting period 354 1,196
Number of positive COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Earle Student Health Center* 8 21
Total pending molecular tests ordered by the Earle Student Health Center 0 0
Number of students in quarantine due to a known COVID-19 exposure or in isolation due to a positive test result (on/off campus) 14 on campus
57 off campus
33 on campus
46 off campus
Number of available spaces designated for isolation and quarantine (not in use) 88 78
Utilization of on-campus isolation and quarantine space 3% 13%

* Positive tests are posted based on the date the results are received and may reflect tests conducted during the previous reporting period if results were still pending at the close of the last reporting period.


11/9-11/15 11/2-11/8
Number of employees reporting being tested in the past week due to COVID-19 associated symptoms or exposure to an infected individual 3 4
Number of reported positive tests 1 1

Greenville County Disease Measures Reported by SC DHEC (11/12/20 Report)

Parameter 10/29-11/11 10/22-11/4
Two Week Cumulative Incidence Rate:
(The number of new COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks per 100,000 individuals)
400 (High)1 324 (High)1
Trend in Cumulative Incidence Rate:
(Comparing the two-week cumulative incidence rate to the previous two weeks)
Increasing Stable
Two Week Percent Positive Rate:
(Percent of individuals who tested positive out of the number of individuals who were tested)
17.6% (High)2 15.8% (High)2
Acute Hospital Bed Occupancy in Upstate 82%3 78%

[1]DHEC categorizes the Two-Week Cumulative Incidence Rates per 100,000 people as: High (≥ 200), Medium (51-200), and Low (0-50)
[2]DHEC categorizes the Two-Week Percent Positive Rate as: High (≥ 10.0%), Medium (5.1%-9.9%), and Low (≤5.0%)
DHEC reported value for 11/12/2020