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COVID-19 Dashboard and Campus Operational Phases

Furman University is continually monitoring health conditions on campus and in the greater Greenville community to determine what steps are necessary to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and address the risks and uncertainties related to the virus. This Dashboard and the Campus Operational Phase reflect the most current conditions and associated operational parameters to enhance student and employee health and safety. Movement from one phase to another may be halted or reversed as conditions change, and will be updated frequently.

Throughout the summer, the Dashboard will be updated weekly with Furman employee and Greenville County disease data only. The Campus Operational Phases will continue to be updated weekly.

Furman is operating in the Purple: Basic Precautions phase.

Cumulative Reported Positive Tests since 1/21/2021

Students: 189

Employees: 43*

*includes employees testing positive since 1/8. Numbers reported for testing and positive cases may be updated during the reporting period based on data provided by Furman’s Office of Human Resources


7/22-7/28 7/15-7/21
Total Number of student tests during the reporting period 1 2
Number of positive COVID-19 cases confirmed by the Earle Student Health Center* 0 0
Total pending molecular tests ordered by the Earle Student Health Center 0 0
Total number of students in isolation or quarantine 0 1
Percentage of residential and commuter Summer II students reporting completed COVID-19 vaccination 91% 88%
Percentage of returning students for Fall 2021 reporting completed COVID-19 vaccination 80% 68%
Percentage of incoming new students for Fall 2021 reporting completed COVID-19 vaccinations 74% 68%
Percentage of undergraduates for Fall 2021 reporting plans for fully completed COVID-19 vaccinations 9% N/A
Percentage of students for Fall 2021 requesting exemption from COVID-19 vaccination 7% 3%

*Positive tests are posted based on the date the results are received and may reflect tests conducted during the previous reporting period if results were still pending at the close of the last reporting period.


7/22-7/28 7/15-7/21
Number of employees tested during the reported period 0 0
Number of reported positive tests 0 0
Percentage of faculty reporting completed COVID-19 vaccination 92% 89%
Percentage of full-time staff reporting completed COVID-19 vaccination 69% 62%

Greenville County Disease Measures Reported by SC DHEC (7/26/21)

Parameter 7/13-7/26 7/6-7/19
Two-Week Cumulative Incidence Rate:(The number of new COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks per 100,000 individuals) 195 (Medium)1 67 (Low)1
Trend in Cumulative Incidence Rate:
(Comparing the two-week cumulative incidence rate to the previous two weeks)
Increasing Increasing
Two Week Percent Positive Rate:
(Percent of individuals who tested positive out of the number of individuals who were tested)
8.5% (Medium)2 5.2% (Medium)2
Acute Hospital Bed Occupancy in Upstate 73%3 72%

[1]DHEC categorizes the Two-Week Cumulative Incidence Rates per 100,000 people as: High (≥ 200), Medium (51-200), and Low (0-50)
[2]DHEC categorizes the Two-Week Percent Positive Rate as: High (≥ 10.0%), Medium (5.1%-9.9%), and Low (≤5.0%)
DHEC reported value for 7/27/2021

NOTE: This Dashboard is published each Thursday evening to allow for inclusion of the most recently available community data from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC).

Furman COVID-19 Operational Phases

Furman University has developed a color-coded system to describe the university’s operational protocols. The operational phase is reviewed twice weekly by Furman’s Public Health and Safety Advisory Group, and is based on COVID-19 disease rates and quarantine/treatment capacities on campus and in the community. University leadership informs the campus community of any changes to the current phase. Exceptions may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Green: Normal Operations

COVID-19 indicators in the campus and local community are favorable. Vaccines are available and have been successfully distributed both on campus and in the community. Good public health practices remain in place.

Purple: Basic Precautions

COVID-19 indicators in the local and/or campus community are at low levels and are trending favorably. Classes are conducted in the FurmanFlex mode, and campus buildings may be approved to operate under normal hours. Indoor dining available with a to-go option for students. Face masks and physical distancing are in place, and symptomatic testing is provided for students on-campus. With approval, university-sponsored off-campus activities are permitted, and on-campus activities and community events with more than 30 individuals may be held. Visitors to campus are permitted with limitations. On-campus work for most employees is permitted.

Yellow: Enhanced Precautions

COVID-19 indicators in the local and/or campus community are at a moderate or elevated level. Classes are conducted in FurmanFlex mode. Academic buildings including the fitness center are open with restricted hours and at a reduced capacity. Indoor dining available with a to-go option for students. On-campus activities of up to 30 individuals may be permitted. Face masks, physical distancing, and enhanced testing are in place. University-sponsored off-campus activities may be permitted on a case-by-case basis. Employees participate in approved remote work options.

Orange: High Precautions

COVID-19 indicators in the local and/or campus community are elevated or trending unfavorably, with potential impact on local healthcare systems. Classes may shift to remote learning. Dining options are to go only, the fitness center is closed, and employees approved to work remotely are encouraged to remain off campus. Students are asked to reduce contacts as much as possible. Except for normal class meetings, organized campus activities are limited to 10 individuals, and off-campus activities are suspended or remote. Face masks, physical distancing and enhanced testing are in place, and students are strongly encouraged to remain on-campus. The campus is closed to visitors and university-sponsored off-campus activities are suspended unless approved, on a case-by-case basis.

Red: Full Precautions

COVID-19 indicators in the local and/or campus community suggest widespread transmission with impact on local healthcare systems. Only essential activities are permitted, which should occur in a virtual setting whenever possible. Campus and building access is limited to essential functions and personnel. Students are required to limit their contacts to roommates, suite or apartment-mates. Dining service is limited to pre-packaged to-go items only. The fitness center is closed, and all employees who are approved to work remotely are required to remain off campus. Face masks, physical distancing and enhanced testing measures are in place. The campus is closed to visitors, and both on and off-campus activities are suspended.