The Earle Student Health Center operates like other Prisma Health physician offices/health practices. Students should bring their health insurance card with them when visiting the center. Students’ primary insurance provider will be billed. Furman provides all undergraduate students with a Student Sickness Benefits Plan (at no additional cost) that will generally cover co-payments.

Prisma Health is contracted with most local and national insurers. If the student is covered by a plan with which Prisma Health is not contracted, additional out of pocket expense may be incurred if the cost is above the coverage of the plan that Furman provides.

If a student’s primary insurance plan is an HMO, please note that HMO plans often have state or area limitations. If a student’s primary residence is not in the state of South Carolina or the university is outside of the coverage range, it is highly advisable that student’s contact their HMO and advise them they will be out of the coverage area attending Furman University in South Carolina. Ask if the plan will provide the student with a guest network or waiver while studying outside of their home state. Essentially by leaving the state, a student may only have emergency coverage; so students are advised to check with their insurer, so they are not without coverage.

For more information about filing their own claim, students may access the EIIA web site at

If you have questions regarding our new model of care and insurance billing, please call 864.522.2000.


NOTE: Effective Jan. 1, 2024, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has placed Prisma Health as out-of-network for its health plan members. Students can still access the Earle Student Health Center and the Student Sickness Benefits Plan provided by Furman is still available.  Students seeking health services in the Greenville community should seek in-network providers such as Bon Secours locations. These locations are readily available on the ESHC After Hours website.