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Prisma Health, Furman University, and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) are working closely to monitor COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus) and are actively engaged in daily planning in an effort to inform and reduce the risk to faculty, staff, students and visitors from the virus.

Spring 2021 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

May X and Summer Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

After hours: Students may also use the Travelers Rest Family Medicine, 9 McElhaney Road, Travelers Rest, SC, 29690, by appointment only: Monday-Friday, noon-5 p.m. 864-834-3192.

COVID Testing Options

Students who are symptomatic or who are concerned about being a close contact to an individual who is either symptomatic or has tested positive for COVID-19, should contact the ESHC instead of seeking assistance in the external community, for the following reasons…

  1. We can coordinate and expedite testing if needed, providing all testing options for you.
  2. We can clarify and explain what type of exposure you may have had to an infected individual (i.e. primary vs. secondary), thus helping to decrease anxiety.
  3. We can initiate contact tracing to protect the Furman community.
  4. If you need to be in isolation or quarantine, we are able to help coordinate effective remote learning, meal delivery, and other support.

Students who do get tested in the external community and the result is positive for COVID-19, should isolate immediately, submit the LiveSafe Health Survey, and await instructions from the ESHC staff.

What if I believe my test result is a false positive?

Furman uses a local medical provider using FDA-certified nasal and saliva PCR testing in our determinations. PCR is generally recognized as the most sensitive, specific, and accurate format for COVID-19 testing, recommended by CDC, SC DHEC and many other public health entities as the preferred test for asymptomatic testing in particular. Indeed, one of the reasons for the high accuracy associated with PCR testing is that it relies on directly multiplying and measuring SARS-CoV-2 viral DNA present in the sample, rather than protein fragments that may be associated with the virus (e.g. “rapid antigen” testing). Thus, true “false positives” are extraordinarily rare with PCR testing versus other testing modalities.

Because viral loads vary over the course of the disease, it is quite possible to test positive on one day, and as viral load begins to diminish, obtain a follow up test where the test results may be labelled as “SARS-CoV-2 not detected”, which is even more likely using the less sensitive rapid testing methods.  This does not, however, imply the initial test was in error, or result in a positive case being released from isolation.  The greater the time that passes from the initial sampling resulting in a positive test until the second test is sampled, the greater the chance the two tests may disagree. Different formats of PCR instrumentation, types of sampling methods, and differences in provider laboratories all contribute to the sensitivity for the test, including how many replication cycles are used to assign a positive case. For example, Furman’s provider automatically runs a duplicate test taken from the original sample for every positive test reported before the data are released to the student.

Invalidating a positive test is highly unusual and requires (1) clear clinical evidence to suspect an error and (2) multiple PCR tests with no viral load detected, sampled within 48 hours of the initial test. In such a rare circumstance, early release is at the discretion of the clinicians at the Earle Student Health Center.

Health Resources

If you are concerned about your health and are experiencing symptoms (fever of 100.4˚ or higher and/or chills, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, body ache, new or persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, new rash or blisters), please call the Earle Student Health Center at 864-522-2000 to schedule a virtual visit.  You can also schedule a Virtual Visit via your MyChart account.  Our team will evaluate your illness and, if appropriate, discuss the need for COVID-19 testing.  COVID-19 testing is not performed at the Earle Student Health Center, but will be arranged for you at a Prisma Health testing site.

For general questions about COVID-19, please call the Earle Student Health Center at 864-522-2000 and our clinical team will assist with answering your questions.

Furman Information and Updates

More Furman information is available on our website.

Prevention and Control

Furman encourages students, faculty and staff to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Individuals can lower the risk of transmission by consistently practicing the following simple, healthy habits:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid close contact with those who are sick
  • Stay home when you are sick (do not go to class or work)
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Practice good hygiene and other good health habits such as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, getting plenty of sleep, managing stress, drinking plenty of fluids and eating nutritious food.

We encourage everyone to be diligent in helping to prevent the spread of illness.  Students, if you experience any symptoms, please contact the Earle Student Health Center at 864-522-2000. Faculty and staff, please visit the Employee On-Site Clinic or contact your preferred health care provider.

COVID Vaccinations

Following the recommendations and guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American College Health Association (ACHA), South Carolina health officials, and Furman’s faculty epidemiologists, Furman will require all students to be immunized against COVID-19 for the Fall 2021 semester. This requirement will result in a high rate of vaccinations, which will allow Furman to return to normal operations in the fall.

Before August 1, students must either submit a copy of their completed COVID-19 vaccination card to OR apply for an exemption to the vaccine requirement based on a medical contraindication, religious beliefs or strong personal objection. Failure to meet this deadline may result in a student’s inability to maintain enrollment in their fall courses and/or their access to campus being restricted.

Students, faculty and staff in South Carolina may use as a resource for scheduling an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine.

In partnership with Prisma Health

Prisma LogoThe Earle Student Health Center is a partnership between Furman and Prisma Health, the region’s largest provider for quality health care. This partnership provides students with added resources and expertise while maintaining a personal touch.

Prisma will be able to provide enhanced services such as virtual consultation applications for health care (Smart Exam) and a pharmacy courier service that is able to deliver prescriptions to the campus. The Prisma Health partnership will also give students access by appointment to Prisma’s Travelers Rest Family Medicine practice for after-hours care on Saturday mornings.

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Our network of health care professionals extends beyond our campus as well.

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We try to make everything about our clinic convenient for you—including our location. We're centrally located in Earle Student Health Center near Lakeside Housing and Johns Hall.

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MyChart is an online tool that connects you with your personal health information and your health care team quickly and easily. Make and change appointments online. For your very first appointment, you must call 864.522.2000 to schedule. After that, you can use MyChart.

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For information about health services, the women’s clinic, or health education, call 864.522.2000. If you have general questions for administrative purposes such as billing or medical records please email If you have a quick medical question, please send your provider a message via MyChart.