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Event Planning Policies & Guidelines

The planning of events at Furman for the spring semester will continue to be limited. However, students and employees can plan and organize gatherings and events following the guidelines and adhering to the policies outlined below.

Step 1: Plan Your Event

These guidelines for events (indoors and outdoors) have been developed by the Public Health and Safety Advisory Group. Events with 30 people or less do not need special approval, but must follow all of the Health and Safety Guidelines for the campus.  However, student organizations are required to register any in-person events, regardless of size.

The university has identified several locations on campus where indoor and outdoor gatherings and events with attendance larger than 30 in a singular space may be possible with the appropriate approval.

Approved indoor and outdoor gatherings of more than 30 must address the following questions in the planning process.

  • Briefly describe the nature of the proposed activity (e.g., academic program, athletic event, social activity, etc.) and indicate the sponsoring organization.
  • Briefly describe the intended audience/participants in the proposed event. For example, is the event intended only for current students or employees? Primarily for members of the community? A mixture?
  • Why does this event need to be in person? Have you explored other creative ways to facilitate this event in smaller groups or virtually?
  • What is the location where the event is to be held, and will it be indoors or outdoors? If on-campus, list names of all facilities/buildings/classrooms involved, and include the maximum capacity of the venue. If outdoors, is there a plan for inclement weather?
  • What is the anticipated maximum group size? According to the State of South Carolina, attendance may not exceed 50% of the certificate of occupancy issued by the fire marshal–or 250 persons–whichever is less. Furman has adopted 150 persons as the maximum for indoor events (with approval) and 250 for outdoor events until further notice. Exceptions for events larger than these established maximums must first be approved by SAT before undergoing an additional review to comply with the procedures and protocols of the Department of Commerce.
  • What measures will be put into place to screen participants for potential COVID-19 infection (e.g., proof of completion of LiveSafe App, standard questions upon entry, passive temperature checks, etc.), and what measures will be taken to ensure compliance?
  • What are the protocols for ingress and egress (e.g., directional signage, distancing, separate entrance/exits for students and community, etc.)?
  • What are the physical distancing and face-covering requirements to be employed, and what measures will be taken to ensure compliance (e.g., physical distancing markers, signage, security, etc.)?
  • What is the availability of restrooms, and how will physical distancing and disinfection be controlled in these facilities during the event?
  • How will protocols and safety expectations be communicated with participants (e.g., announcing requirements for face-coverings, physical distancing, self-screening procedures, in advance)?
  • How will the room/space/facility be cleaned and disinfected after use?
  • Who is/are the responsible individual(s) to enact and enforce compliance with the above-outlined protocols? Keep in mind that all student events must have an advisor or Furman employee present for the entire event.
  • Does this event adhere to Furman’s Use of University Space Policy?

If you are inviting non-Furman guests to attend or participate in your event, please work with the Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion to obtain permission to do so.

Steps for Non-Furman Guest Approval

  • Contact the Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion to obtain approval by e-mailing with basic event information (event name, time/date, location, and sponsoring organization) and the name and e-mail address for the non-Furman guest.
  • Guests will be asked to complete two forms:
    a. A campus guest requirements form [PDF] that is an acknowledgment of Furman’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines, which should be completed at least 14 days prior to the event.
    b. A daily health check form [PDF] that mimics the daily health assessment Furman students and employees are asked to complete. This form needs to be completed on the day of the event by each individual who will be visiting campus prior to their arrival on campus.
  • A member of the hosting organization or department will need to accompany the guest(s) at all times.

Additional Policies

Step 2: Obtain Venue Approval

View the building hours and study spaces website to determine who to contact for the space you’d like to reserve. Venue approval should be obtained 14 days in advance of your event. Be sure to communicate your answers to the 13 planning questions in Step 1 when making your request.  The indoor venues that can accommodate more than 30 are listed below:

  • Daniel Chapel
  • Hartness Pavilion
  • McAlister Auditorium
  • North Village J300
  • Timmons Arena
  • Younts Conference Center

Step 3: Register Your Event

Student organizations are required to register any in-person events, regardless of size, using the following process:

  1. Log into syncDIN and navigate to your organization’s portal
  2. Click “Manage Organization” on the top right corner
  3. Click the three bars on the top left and select “Events” from the dropdown menu
  4. Click the blue “create event” button
  5. Complete the form*

*Note: When completing the “Event Visibility” section, the “Show To” field determines who will be able to view your event listing. The settings are as follows:

  • The Public: Anyone can view your event posting without being logged into syncDIN. You should not select this option if you are including a Zoom link or other instructions for accessing a virtual event.
  • Students & staff: Only those with a syncDIN account will be able to view the event listing after logging into syncDIN.
  • Organization Members: Only those individual’s belonging to your organization’s portal will be able to view the event listing after logging into syncDIN.
  • Invited users only: You will be able to select who your event is visible to.

University departments who wish to list their event(s) on syncDIN can also use the process above to register an event if you have a syncDIN portal. If you do not have a syncDIN portal, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion for further assistance.

Step 4: Communicate COVID Policies to Attendees

Consider how you will communicate this information to your attendees, including event publicity, the syncDIN event listing, social media, and signage at the event.  This includes check-in processes, proof of completion of the daily LiveSafe Health Survey, social distancing guidelines, sanitation processes, and any other important information you need to share leading up to the event.

Step 5: Post-Event Cleaning and Sanitization

After your event, sanitize all surfaces, props or items used during the event, and your hands. Be sure to have some sanitization wipes ready to go for your clean-up crew.  If you think you will need assistance with post-event clean up, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion or Facilities Services.

Step 6: Keep Attendance Lists

In case contact tracing needs to be initiated, having access to a guest list will help contact tracers get in touch with the appropriate attendees for quarantine or isolation, if necessary. Hold onto your lists for at least two weeks.

For any assistance with event planning, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion.

Major Campus Events

- No events are currently scheduled. -

The university will closely monitor the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19, along with rapidly developing scientific knowledge and medical resources, to determine the appropriateness for adjustments and contingencies. For general questions about the spring semester, please email