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Travel Policy & Guidelines

University-sponsored travel is permitted in the PURPLE phase, but must be approved by a Vice President or designee (employees) or student organization governing council and advisor (students).

Off-Campus Engagement

Students are able to leave campus to work, shop, eat, and have fun.  To minimize the risk to the Furman and Greenville communities as much possible, we recommend that students keep the following guidelines and precautions in mind:

  • As much as possible, maintain small pods of close contacts, and avoid large gatherings, large tables, etc.
  • Adhere to physical distancing and masking requirements while off campus in large public venues.
  • When traveling in vehicles with others, wear face coverings in accordance with CDC guidance.

University-Sponsored Travel

In the PURPLE phase, faculty and staff may travel for university business with supervisor approval. Employee travelers should follow CDC guidance on safe travel.

In the PURPLE phase, students and student groups may travel with the appropriate student organization governing council and advisor approvals. Student travelers should follow CDC guidance on safe travel.

University-Sponsored Field Trips and Community Activities

Faculty and staff who wish to plan field trips or other off-campus activities for students should communicate with the appropriate individual below well in advance of the proposed experience.   These experiences must follow the established off-campus protocol and should meet these criteria.

  • Trips or activities for a May X course – Kyle Longest, Associate Academic Dean
  • Trips or activities for a research or internship experience – Beth Pontari, Associate Provost for Engaged Learning
  • Trips or activities for student organization or group – Ashley Baudouin, Associate Director, OSII

Faculty instructing these courses or staff advising these student groups should serve as the Furman Contact described in the protocol. Faculty and staff must have all students submit two forms to the appropriate individual above, and in some cases, the off-campus site must also submit a form.

Faculty and staff should also be aware of the off-campus travel guidelines.  If students (and faculty or staff) travel off campus to participate in a Furman-sponsored activity:

  • Masking should be maintained at all times during travel.
  • Following current CDC guidance, if several students and faculty/staff are traveling to the same location, travel should take place in a van or vehicle sufficiently large such that physical distancing (6’) between participants can be maintained. See exception in the next bullet.
  • Students who are roommates, or who are in a pod, are able to travel together while masked without maintaining physical distancing of 6 feet. However, pods cannot exceed 4 individuals and must remain consistent throughout the course/activity, unless CDC guidance changes. In other words, the same group of four students or fewer must travel together for the duration of the course/project/experience, and pods should not be mixed. Direct faculty/staff oversight of this is required. Note that if one person in a pod tests positive and other members of the pod are not vaccinated, then all such members are required to quarantine.
  • If students are driving other Furman students for Furman sponsored events/experiences or events for which Furman arranges the travel, Furman must verify that they have car insurance and have FUPD complete a driver background check at no cost to the student).  (Note: FUPD does not share specifics about driving records, responding only with a “yes” or “no” answer if students are permitted to drive other students for Furman-affiliated activities). In the case of an accident, students who drive to off-campus events should be aware that their insurance is primary (Furman’s is secondary) if they are traveling for an approved Furman sponsored activity.

Transportation Services

The FUPD campus shuttle still operates with the following protocols:

  • Shuttle driver(s) are required to wear face coverings and enforce physical distancing inside vehicles.
  • Riders are required to wear face coverings
  • Touch surfaces are disinfected daily and as needed during operation:
  • Drivers wipe common touch surfaces during shift.
  • The Safe Ride vehicle is cleaned at the beginning of shift at 6 p.m.
  • The Daytime shuttle is disinfected daily.
  • Passenger density adheres to limited or staggered seating.
  • The total number of riders is limited by physical distancing.

The FUPD weekly shuttle to Wal-Mart operates under similar guidelines.

The SGA shuttle to downtown Greenville has been suspended until further notice.

The university will closely monitor the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19, along with rapidly developing scientific knowledge and medical resources, to determine the appropriateness for adjustments and contingencies. For general questions about the spring semester, please email