Student Involvement Programs (Trone Center)

The Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion intends to foster a vibrant social experience through reimagined programs and events. Examples of potential activities include:

  • Furman Friday activities and giveaways
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Outdoor fitness and painting classes
  • Virtual Trivia, Bingo, or similar
  • Virtual “How To” Programs – we’ll provide you with the supplies for an activity and then join a live instructional session!
  • Virtual fitness classes led by local studios
  • Book clubs and Podcast discussion groups

The Center for Inclusive Communities will also continue to celebrate the diverse identities within our community through heritage and awareness month programming.

Student Organizations

Student organizations should work with their advisor to re-envision events and activities so that programming remains engaging, fun, and safe.

Student organizations have opportunities to meet both in person and virtually, and we want students to safely socialize on campus.  Virtual meetings are strongly encouraged for all meetings, when attendance is greater than 30 participants (unless if outdoors and with a faculty/staff advisor present).

Student leaders should give consideration to all health and safety guidelines when planning activities, including 6-ft physical distancing and face coverings requirements, proper cleaning and sanitizing, etc.

In-person meetings held indoors are limited to 30 participants or less, in spaces that allow for 6-feet of physical distancing and face coverings must be worn. Outdoor gatherings and activities are strongly encouraged for in-person activities, and also limited to 30 participants or less (unless a faculty/staff advisor is present). Students and student organizations may follow the Event Planning Policies and Guidelines to explore the possibility of a gathering larger than 30. Student organizations cannot reserve classrooms or residential spaces because these spaces must be cleaned and disinfected daily for academic use, and available indoor spaces are limited. Additionally, student organizations cannot host or organize any activities off campus.

Student organizations will need to register any in-person activities (other than regularly scheduled meetings) on syncDIN. Prior to registration, contact the person who reserves the space to receive approval for use. The facility operator may require additional information before accepting a reservation. No off-campus activities are allowed. At present, student organizations may not host any activity with alcohol.

Organizations must seek prior approval from the Office of Student Involvement and Inclusion to bring external groups or speakers to campus and should expect to submit justification why their inclusion cannot be accomplished virtually.

Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and sororities are encouraged to provide meaningful experiences and programming for members, and chapters have the flexibility to do so virtually and in-person. Any in-person activities (chapter meetings, fundraisers, recruitment activities, and new member education, brotherhood/sisterhood) must follow all health and safety guidelines. Chapters should ensure their operations also comply with headquarters expectations and requirements for health and safety as well.

Due to the size and scope of recruitment based on guidance from national governing councils, all Spring 2021 formal recruitment efforts will be conducted virtually. Additional information, including registration information and specific dates, can be found on the Fraternity & Sorority Life website. If eligible, chapters may continue to recruit additional members beyond the formal recruitment process, and these activities may be virtual or in-person.

Club Sports and Intramurals

Club Sports

Due to the travel required, club sports competition was canceled for the fall semester. Guidelines for the spring semester are under review.

Club sports teams that compete as individuals may still practice while adhering to physical distancing and other required safety measures (i.e. face coverings). These include equestrian, golf, outdoor swimming, tennis (singles), tennis (doubles) running, and cycling. Powerlifting may be allowed if all safety protocols can be achieved, including face covering, distancing, and no spotters.

Club presidents will be trained on how to observe physical distancing guidelines, how to enforce the requirement to wear face coverings, and how to clean equipment. Clear and standard practices will be established for these club sports teams so that students know how to practice safety.

Teams that may not practice include indoor swimming, triathlon, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, volleyball, basketball, Aikido, lacrosse, and rugby.  However, these teams may organize fitness and conditioning programs together that adhere to all of the physical distancing and safety measure guidance.


The following intramural sports will be allowed this spring semester: free throw derby contest, basketball skills challenge, horse, soccer skills challenge, Frisbee golf, golf, home run derby, outdoor volleyball and softball. During competition, students may not share equipment, unless provisions are made to clean and disinfect between users.

All other intramural sports have been canceled for the spring semester.

Resident Assistant Programming

The Housing and Residence Life team will train RAs and FRADs to deliver hall/building programs and activities in a variety of ways. Hall meetings and individual meetings with residents will be facilitated virtually and in small groups. Creative virtual and passive programming (i.e. bulletin boards, newsletters) will be delivered using GroupMe and other hall programs. Indoor gatherings will be limited to 30 or less, only where 6-feet physical distancing is possible, and face coverings required. Outdoor gatherings and activities are strongly encouraged.

Outdoor Spaces

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to utilize the outdoors as much as possible.  Walking, running, and cycling are appropriate activities.  Use of the green spaces and fields for small gatherings is encouraged.  The Amphitheatre is a recommended location for scheduled events and activities.  Physical distancing of 6-feet or more is the standard outdoors.  Face coverings are not required (but strongly encouraged) outside when physical distancing is maintained (individuals should always carry a face covering on their person).

Outdoor Spaces available to reserve include the following:


  • Amphitheatre


  • Campus Mall
  • Cherrydale Lawn
  • Cherrydale Pavilion
  • DeSantis Pavilion
  • Harris Terrace
  • Herring Gazebo
  • Milford Mall


  • North Village Pavilion
  • Clark Murphy Complex Lakeside Area
  • North Village Tennis Courts

LIBRARY – Contact

  • Front Porch


  • North Village Recreational Fields
  • Rugby Field


  • Labyrinth

TRONE STUDENT CENTER – Visit the Trone Center website.

  • E Field
  • Firepit
  • Hill Courtyard


For planning events or activities for groups over 30, find more information on our Event Planning Policies & Guidelines page.

Fall and Spring Sports

The Southern Conference postponed fall 2020 sports, including for Furman Athletics. Those fall and spring sports will now take place in the spring. For competition schedules, attendance protocols and ticketing information visit and the Athletics page.

The university will closely monitor the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19, along with rapidly developing scientific knowledge and medical resources, to determine the appropriateness for adjustments and contingencies. For general questions about the spring semester, please email