Duke Library in the Summer

Faculty Development Center Summer 2020 Vision Series

Although the recent unexpected move to remote instruction during the spring required that we adapt our courses and student engagement opportunities rapidly, we thankfully have more lead-time to invest in the intentional design of online course and research experiences for students for the summer and fall ahead. To support the intentional and strategic design of summer and fall courses and/or student research experiences, we’ve developed a Summer 2020 Vision Series so that we can journey together as a community to design learning experiences that highlight the unique and transformative value of a Furman education, all with a clear and confident vision!

Redesign with Flex in Mind


Redesign with Flex In Mind Planning Series (join our waitlist here)

June 3-19th, 2020 – We are currently at capacity for this course, but we welcome you to join our waitlist for future opportunities.

Moving a course online involves much more than simply adapting your person-to-person content and activities for an online platform. Join a cohort of colleagues in this 4-week series of self-guided planning tasks and interactive synchronous sessions as we work through a step-by-step process designed to build a thoughtful, pedagogically sound online course informed by the transformative power of liberal learning. 

Four synchronous reflection sessions will take on the following dates from 1:00-2:30 PM (meeting room here):

  • Monday, June 8th
  • Wednesday, June 10th
  • Friday, June 12th
  • Friday, June 19th


Research Re-visioning Opportunities


Summer 2020 Research Re-imagined Planning Module 

Online module available April 17-May 1  

This planning module will guide you through a re-visioning process to consider adaptations to the focus, nature, and expectations of your summer research project(s). Participants will engage in pre-session brainstorming exercises with an associated synchronous workshop session to conceptualize the many flexible options available to you and your students that maintain high-impact research experiences. Participants will consider the feasibility of fully remote, shortened in-person, and hybrid project design models, including team member availability, resource and equipment needs, and the overall research process. Upon completion, participants will have a clearer sense of which scenarios and options might foster successful project continuity.

You only need to participate in one of the following two synchronous workshop sessions as a part of this module:

  • Wednesday, April 22nd @ 3-4:30pm (meeting room here) 
  • Thursday, April 30th @ 10-11:30am (meeting room here) 

Remastering Your Summer 2020 Research Experience MayX Pro Course  

Online module available online May 6- June 2

This four-week course will support an in-depth revision of your summer research project(s) to account for the constraints and opportunities presented by Furman’s adapted summer research policies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having considered all the options and sketched out an adapted plan of continuity for your summer research project(s), this course includes four modules (each with preparatory tasks and an interactive live reflective session) to walk you through the process of remastering your plans for the summer. Upon completion, participants will have developed a detailed plan of action, engagement, and assessment that supports transformative research experiences for Furman students. The course involves four components:  

  • Revising Your Focus, Objectives, and Design 
  • Setting Expectations, Feedback Loops & Reflection  
  • Assessing Progress & Outcomes Inclusively 
  • Developing a Back-Up Plan 

Weekly reflection sessions will take place on Tuesdays (May 12,19,26, June 2) from 11am-12:15pm (meeting room here)