Video Tutorials

Screencast tutorials are available for instructors and students across a wide variety of categories. We’ve divided up the tutorials into separate Vimeo channels to make for easier browsing, but it is possible to view all tutorials.


Tutorials on the writing channel are targeted toward student use and include writing effective thesis statements, modeling arguments, formatting citations, and more.


Tutorials on the mapping channel range from using simple tools to create collaborative maps and tours in Google Earth to more complex GIS topics such as symbology and georeferencing historic photos.

Assignment and Course Design

While many of the tutorials on the assignment and course design channel highlight technology, the focus is on design.  Tutorials range from using Moodle to facilitate student introductions to using concept maps and managing courses while you’re away from campus.


If you’d like to filter channels to search for those that focus on technology such as Moodle, concept mapping, and wikis, visit the tech channel.  Mapping resources have been excluded from this channel, and there’s a good bit of overlap with the assignment and course design tutorials.